Be it in the sauna or in the bio sauna: on the 300 square meters of the Timeless Spa rest and relaxation are guaranteed. The offer is rounded off by a relaxation room and the Panta rhei room.

Relaxation Room

Whether immediately after an intense workout or just like that, this relaxation room is fantastic to bring your body a soothing relaxation. The comfortable and extremely comfortable loungers invite you to linger and relax. From the relaxation room you also have direct access to the quiet zone under the open sky.

Panta rhei

A highlight of the Timeless Spa is our Panta rhei room (Greek: everything flows). In this room, talking is strictly forbidden.

You will lie in an almost dark room on a comfortable couch and you will only hear the sound of „flowing water“ – more relaxation is hardly possible.

Our saunas

Finnish Sauna

Finnish saunas are the traditional way to sweat, and have a temperature of between 80 and 90°C and low humidity of 10 to 15%; hence they are known as «dry saunas». They exercise the blood vessels, stimulate peripheral blood circulation and provide a pleasant relaxation experience. As a rule, one session lasts no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Air temperature: 80 to 90°C | Humidity: 10 to 15%

BIOSA® Biosauna

Sauna with a more moderate climate of approx. 55°C and around 45% humidity is a proprietary development of Küng. It is similar to a Turkish steam bath and also suitable for individuals with poor circulation. The body sweats more in this type of sauna, and the benefit is more sustainable as a result. The lower temperature enables users to remain in the sauna for up to 45 minutes.

Air temperature: 55°C | Humidity: 45%


Single Entry Gold – CHF 40.00 (Mo-Fr)
Entry fitness center and Timeless Spa

Single Entry Gold – CHF 48.00 (Weekend)
Entry fitness center and Timeless Spa

One entry allows the usage of the Timeless Spa as well as the BodyWorx fitness center (www.body-worx.ch). For 10 entries, monthly or yearly memberships please check the price list of the BodyWorx fitness center or the BodyWorx homepage.



What customers have to report

“Body-Worx and Timeless Spa – the making has changed a bit. After an intense spinning workout, there is nothing better than being able to relax and unwind in the same place. Everything is always very well maintained and I always feel very well.”

“I often go to the spa without training, because the Panta Rhei room gives me exactly the peace that I can not find anywhere else. Excellent service, excellent infrastructure. I recommend Timeless Spa.”

“I am not an influencer. Nevertheless, it is important to me that the people around Zug know what quality is offered in the Body-Worx and Timeless Spa. There is effectively nothing like it. Absolutely recommended!”

“As a software engineer, I depend on an optimized infrastructure in which I can keep my body fit and recover. This is completely offered to me at Body-Worx and Timeless Spa! Thanks to the great team!”

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday:
4.00 PM to 9.30 PM

4.00 PM to 8.30 PM

Saturday to Sunday:
10.00 AM to 7.30 PM


Timeless Spa
Turmstrasse 18 (@ 4-Towers)
6312 Steinhausen

Phone 041 749 97 77