Timeless Spa


  • The area of Timeless Spa is an area of nudity (swimwear is forbidden). Allowed are large towels or a bathrobe.
  • Please do not take your bag with you into the Timeless Spa. Leave your bag in the locker room on the ground floor.
  • Please change after your training. Sweaty clothes and gym shoes are forbidden in the Timeless Spa.
  • Do not take food and drinks to the Timeless Spa. There you will find mineral water for drinking. If you had an excessive training and did not drink enough, you should first supply your body with fluids.
  • Please shower always with shampoo before you use the steam bath or sauna and always shower after using the steam bath or sauna.
  • Sit or lay down on a large towel when you use the steam bath and sauna. The next visitor of Timeless Spa will be thankful for sitting on dry and hygienic clean wood as well.
  • Respect the intimacy of other visitors.
  • Please take a large towel with you for the spa area and another one for the following shower. We expect that you take a third towel or a bathrobe for the relaxation room.
  • Please take care of other visitors in Timeless Spa. Conversations should be held quietly.
  • It is obligatory to wear bath slippers in Timeless Spa – but not in the sauna or steam bath.
  • We expect absolute silence in the relaxation room. Cover your self with a towel or bathrobe.
  • Mobile phones are forbidden in the spa area.

Please observe this rules to make the usage of the Timeless Spa recreative for everybody.


Timeless Spa offers you an exceptional ambience to do something good after a workout or just for fun.